Building, Growing, Empowering a Food Secure Canada

Fighting Food Insecurity in Canada


68% of families living in Northern Canada live with food insecurity, without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. We see this as a systemic issue, a product of how food is grown, supplied and transported to Canada’s North.

Growing North’s mission is to sustainably provide fresh, locally grown produce to families living in Northern Canada, at a fraction of the current price, while positively contributing to the educational infrastructure and job market.


Growing Domes® 

The Growing Dome® greenhouse is designed to withstand the harsh winds and weather conditions of the north.  


Community Outreach

We work directly alongside the community to tailor our programming to their individual needs.   


Sustainable Operations

Growing North hires and trains local greenhouse managers to ensure that the communities are sustainable long-term. 


Grow in your community!


Interested in growing fresh produce in your own community?  Fill out the form below to find out more.  Growing North is always looking to partner with new communities and help reduce food insecurity one community at a time. 

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